Guaranteed Removals Vs. Profile Defenders

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In today’s world, everyone is striving for the best image online possible. This not only goes for individuals but businesses as well. Just one negative result on the first page of search results can make people have second thoughts.

Fortunately, there are ways to fight back against negative search results. Hiring a professional reputation cleanup service to help is the route many go with, but this industry continues to grow rapidly year after year as it displaces the traditional PR firms that used to handle crisis management.

So who are the biggest players in this reputation repair industry?

Two of the biggest names in the suppression, direct deletion, and online reputation management game? Guaranteed Removals and Profile Defenders. Today we look at the benefits and drawbacks of each and determine which company is the best? Let’s break down each company and compare for our tech readers.

Guaranteed Removals

Seeing a name like Guaranteed Removals in this industry is very promising at first for a lot of people. After all, who wouldn’t want to have every bad link removed from the Internet forever? Unfortunately, that’s not how online reputation management works. Their name right away alludes to something that isn’t always doable and judging by commentary we received from past clients it’s a bit deceiving to guarantee to remove every webpage that a client asks for and then only deliver 1 or 2 successful results while holding the clients funds hostage in escrow. While there is a chance to get certain links removed, the vast majority of bad links must rely on suppression instead and this is not stated in the initial contract. Luckily for Guaranteed Removals they aren’t located in the USA so they are more protected from the FTC and Attorney Generals who choose to go after businesses based in North America.

Another tactic used by Guaranteed Removals is that they entice a lot of new users with zero payment due until content is removed. This tactic seems like a perfect solution on paper for people who are unsure about the services, but it isn’t entirely clear at first.

The company holds the client’s money in escrow when they are attempting to remove online content. Once they come up short, they come back with a new plan that falls in line with many other online reputation management companies. Since the links actually can’t be removed, suppression services are offered instead of a full refund.

According to online reviews, getting a full refund is next to impossible from guaranteed removals. They pretty much force customers to go with their alternative solution. This business tactic has not gone over well with customers and tend to be what they are spending their money on removing these complaints.

To Guarantee Removals’ credit, they do decent work with suppressing negative links. Unfortunately, it is hard to look past some of the dishonesty to get to that point. A more upfront approach is preferred by a lot of people looking for this type of assistance. None the less they are growing and you will see their Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertisements popping up.

Profile Defenders

Ask Profile Defenders, and the company believes it is truly the leader in reputation management. Every company in this industry understands that, but can they live up to that claim? According to reviews from past clients, they are certainly in consideration as a spin off of funded with over $50 million dollars from the biggest venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

Profile Defenders is very upfront with all their customers. They have a frequently asked questions page right on their website that answers a lot of questions about online reputation services and at one point had a full proof solution to remove any negative search result online but when that stopped working they gave their clients the run down on what was possible and what was not. This honesty goes a long way and having a detailed Q and A with their clientele clears up any misconceptions out there and gives potential customers a realistic outlook and makes it easier to manage expectations throughout a successful campaign.

Removing every single bad link can’t happen in most cases at the current time but things continually shift and change. No company is going to have complete control over search results like that. What Profile Defenders focus on is promoting the good over the bad. This focus helps to minimize damage and allow a business to rebuild their image the way they want it.

The services provided are also long-lasting. It’s easy in the industry to take a lot of shortcuts to get results temporarily, but eventually, search engine algorithms catch on. Profile Defenders has worked with several individuals and businesses in the past, and the results are still as reliable as ever.

Each client profile defenders client success is the utmost important thing. Satisfaction is the main priority, not collecting as many clients as possible but getting results and referrals for their successful work over the last 9 years.

The Final Comparison or

One of the easiest ways for people to lose the trust of others is to shown signs of dishonesty. The same applies to work with a business, especially if it is trying to handle the online reputation of others. It just makes sense to speak with both corporations and see which suits your needs best. While doesn’t offer suppression services they do tell you that they will remove every URL but unfortunately if you know how search works you know that’s not the truth so that’s something to be very weary of and thus we would say is the more honest direction to go in.

It is so hard to get past the business model of guaranteed removals. If they just focused on providing sound online reputation management, they might earn more respect. As it stands right now, Profile Defenders is the clear winner between the two. They prioritize all their customers and handle the entire process with a lot more professionalism. vs. in our study and research we advise you to use Profile Defenders.