InvolveSoft – A Company Engagement Platform Focused On Local, Mission-Driven Events

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Below is our recent interview with Melissa Mills, Director of Product and Saumya Bhatnagar, Chief Technology Officer at Involvesoft:

Q: Tell us more about your solution. How does it work?

A: Trying to get employees to engage and volunteer outside the office is tougher than you might think!

Logistically, it can difficult to instigate an offline event outside the office, and internally it can be tough to corral employees to take the time to volunteer. However, if done well, it can pay off in driving employee engagement and contributing to employee retention at your company.

Leadership in human resources are constantly thinking about this, and we’re hope to solve their goals with our platform, Involvesoft.

Melissa Mills

Q: Why do you aim to promote corporate engagement? What’s your motivation?

A: Encouraging employees to bring their full self to work builds a culture of honesty and transparency. Employees and Managers can have more open conversations that ultimately help the bottom line of a business. By driving engagements in safe spaces outside the office you can build that comradery while also doing good in the community. It creates deeper and more meaningful experiences that resonate even when returning to the office. We are motivated by the fact we can contribute toward building these strong relationships within companies and communities.

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Q: What makes InvolveSoft stand out? How are you better than other engagement platforms?

A: InvolveSoft focuses on building the best platform to maximize engagements all while also building deeper reporting insights for leadership. Being able to measure these engagements and connections at scale can enable leadership to make educated business decisions. We understand the connection between these two elements and work hard to continually improve this relationship.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching your business and how did you overcome it?

A: We always find passionate individuals excited to make a difference in their local community. Often, it comes with lots of ideas and feedback that have been invaluable in how we’ve shaped our final product. We also want to make sure we’re building a product that’ll consider all employee types, including those who may want to participate only minimally. End user feedback is critical in ensuring that we’re building for all types of employees. Our customers have been incredible supportive in providing feedback and it has enabled us to build a platform that can work for all employee types.

Q: What’s the best way to measure engagement performance?

A: The first thing that comes to mind when measuring engagement is RSVPs. Employees volunteering at events, sharing comments, and posting photos are extremely invaluable to the measurement process. We also want to be sure we’re consider employees in small ways too including engaging in the platform, recognizing peers, and participating in small engagements. These signals are equally important in identifying who can become the next motivated, inspired employee at your company.

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Q: Tell me about yourself and the product team

A: Saumya is our CTO and Co-Founder. She oversees both the product and engineer teams. Our teams are very interdependent so it’s great to have a mutual leader to oversee our vision and execution for the product. I lead the product team. I left my role at Google working in Apps as a Global Product Lead for the role of Product Director here at Involvesoft. Together, we drive the vision for the product. I work on collecting feedback from customers, prospects, and the industry in determine what to build. The engineering team decides how to build it in order to maximize efficiency.