Procurement Software Tradogram Helps Managers Control Spend Comfortably

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Below is our recent interview with Majdi Sleimen, VP Business Development at Tradogram:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Tradogram?

A: There are ideals that every company strives to maintain: saving time and money, communicating and collaborating clearly, and documenting everything for peace of mind. Tradogram was created to let businesses attain these ideals in their purchasing process.

Tradogram is procurement software that lets managers control spend comfortably. Our cloud-based software helps companies of all sizes automate their workflows to enhance collaboration and transparency throughout their purchasing process. Ultimately, it shows users ways to cut costs and secure savings as they achieve 100% spend visibility.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Tradogram comes packed with highly configurable features to allow each company to build out their own workflow. It provides customizable tools to streamline Requisitions, Purchase Orders, RFQs/RFPs, Contracts, Receiving, and Invoice Matching. It also helps to structure the purchasing process with User Permissions, Approvals, Budgets, Item/Supplier Master Data and much more. Using the latest cloud technology with top security and performance criteria, Tradogram offers a software solution that anyone can use with minimal or no training. It also integrates with major accounting softwares like Quickbooks and Xero to ensure that all purchasing activities are translated into accounting seamlessly.

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Q: How is Tradogram different from other supplier and purchasing management software?

A: Unlike many other solutions, Tradogram covers the entire procurement process from end-to-end. It’s one platform that consists of six easy-to-use solutions. Companies from around the world have been seeing the benefits of optimizing their business spend management with Tradogram’s solutions for Purchase-to-Pay, Contract Management, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, Order Management, and Spend Control. All six solutions seamlessly work together to create an effective spend management workflow that would otherwise be prone to fraud and errors. Companies can customize their workflows and configure the system to support the way they work. All features are included in a straightforward subscription model, while giving users the ability to turn certain features on or off at anytime.

Q: When can businesses expect a return on investment once they start using Tradogram?

A: The investment is very low compared to other tools in the market – with no implementation fees and rates as low as $10 per user/month. In fact a free version of the software exists for new companies to get started, and sole-proprietors and freelancers often use the free account to meet their personal needs.

Most businesses start getting value out of the system within a week or two of implementation. Because of its intuitive design, free training sessions, live chat support, and help resources like tutorial videos, Tradogram can be deployed across a wide range of industries and company sizes at a rapid pace. Once implemented, companies experience lower procurement processing times, vastly reduced maverick spending, and improved cost control through improved negotiations with their suppliers.

In short, companies can expect a quick ROI turnaround, with a range of benefits that greatly outweigh the modest asking price.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Tradogram has come a long way since inception, with thousands of users in 60+ countries worldwide, and doesn’t plan to slow down. We believe that every company, no matter the size or industry, should have access to the right tools to manage their spend and optimize cost savings to achieve 100% spend visibility. Software can sometimes be cumbersome and complex, that’s why Tradogram will stay true to their promise of always offering the easiest-to-use procurement solution on the market.