Renogy Solar Makes Solar Power Accessible To Consumers Around The World

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Renogy Solar designs, manufactures, and sells innovative and cost-effective solar panels, related solar accessories, portable consumer solar products, and battery storage devices. Below is our recent interview with Christina Blum and Marilyn Gutierrez, Marketing Manager at Renogy:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Renogy Solar?

A: Our dedication to value, quality, and customer service drives our success. We are making solar power accessible to consumers around the world. Our ultimate goal is to normalize the use of solar in everyday activities and make a positive impact on the way the world looks at solar energy.

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Q: You’ve recently announced Best Buy product launch as part of campaign for hurricane preparedness; could you tell us something more?

A: Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t the only natural phenomena that can lead to widespread power outages. The only real way to stay safe during a power outage or other disaster is through preparation. On June 24 th , Best Buy launched a hurricane preparedness product campaign, which features the Renogy E Product line of small solar recharging and battery storage devices. During this campaign, select Renogy products will be available in 158 physical Best Buy store locations, most of which are scattered along the southeastern coast. The products available in-store include the E.LUMEN Multi-functional Solar Flashlight, the 15000mAH Solar Battery Bank, the E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker, the E.FLEX5 + 2500mAH Battery Bank Bundle, as well as the Best Buy exclusive E.FLEX10 Solar Panel + 5000mAh Battery Bank Combo Pack. If these products are not available in a local store, they can also be purchased at

The Renogy E Product line features a number of consumer friendly, intuitive, and portable recharging and power storage devices. These products are especially helpful during an emergency or power outage, as they can power phones, radios, and other essential electronics with sunlight. While these products are ideal for hurricane preparedness, their versatility also makes them perfect for many other emergency situations or even everyday use. We are very excited to have our products in a very well known and established retailer.

Q: What kinds of products do you provide to your customers?

A: Renogy was a true startup business that launched with the assistance of the Louisiana Business and Technology Center and Louisiana State University. In the beginning, we sold a limited range of solar panels and essential accessories. Over the years, the product selection has expanded from four basic, traditional solar panels (one off-grid and three on-grid) to twenty-two different models, some of which are unconventional, such as the Portable Solar Suitcases (100W-200W) as well as Flexible Solar Panels. A few years ago, we also began manufacturing the Renogy Eclipse Solar Panels. These panels are ultra efficient (18.35%) and include bypass diodes that minimize power drop caused by shade and ensure excellent performance in low-light environments. Another new line of products is the Renogy Flexible Solar Panels. The Flex Panels are incredibly versatile because they weigh under 6.5lbs, can bend to a 248-degree arc, and don’t include glass. There is less risk of shattering and they are easier to store and transport than traditional glass and metal panels.

Renogy has expanded beyond the realm of solar and into battery storage solutions as well as camping gear. Perhaps this was a natural evolution that began with designing a greater range of off-grid solar products for RVs and campers. Being aware that portable charging and power storage options are somewhat scarce, we knew that these charging products would gain considerable popularity. About three years ago we introduced the E Product line, which, as mentioned above, includes small consumer solar panels suitable for charging phones, as well as battery storage banks for everyday use. We took the idea of the E Product line a bit further and designed the Lycan Powerbox, which includes a built-in, interchangeable custom lithium iron phosphate battery that can last up to 2000 cycles. The Lycan can be recharged via solar panels, wall outlet, or 12V car charging socket, and puts useable power at your fingertips, no matter where you are. The Phoenix Portable Generator is another off-grid power option. As its name implies, the Phoenix is an entire 20W solar power system reduced to a suitcase-sized box. The Lycan and Phoenix have become favorites, particularly among campers. All Renogy products are designed with convenience, quality, and affordability in mind. As stated earlier, our goal is to normalize the use of solar energy. These are key points that we cannot forget when designing a new product.

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Q: Is it possible to power the entire world with just solar energy?

A: The answer to this question is generally yes, though there would be logistical concerns. While experts generally opine that a solar powered world is possible, these assumptions are based on the premise that all of the solar panels will be located in a centralized location that has favorable light and temperature conditions. The next question would be, is it possible to build the infrastructure to transport that power to remote locations that face extreme cold and darkness, where solar panels cannot produce sufficient power or withstand the elements? Perhaps, but we aren’t sure. We certainly hope that solar will power the world in the future.

Q: What can we expect from Renogy Solar in the future?

A: We plan on expanding our off-grid solar and portable battery options. We are also always working on creating more efficient solar cells, as well as a greater size range of flexible solar panels. While we have discussed expanding into wind turbines, that has yet to materialize. Right now, I think we’d agree that we’re focusing on getting into more brick and mortar stores and partnering with other industry leaders.